Spiceland Charity Swap Shop


This Christmas, Bundobust is running the Spiceland Swap Shop in all venues – offering customers a free Combo for 2 voucher in exchange for Iceland gift cards, which we’re donating to local food banks.

After an incredible response to our recent Spiceland legal drama on socials, we wanted to take all of that positive sentiment and transform it into something for the greater good, and, seeing as they’ve been (mostly) good sports about it, include Iceland in it as well.

So the Spiceland Swap Shop was created!

How It Works:

  • When you come to Bundobust between Thursday 14th and Saturday 23rd December, bring an Iceland gift card worth £20 (or more if you’re feeling generous).
  • We’ll swap the gift card for a voucher for a Combo for 2 worth £35, which you can redeem throughout January and February.
  • We donate all of the Iceland gift cards to local food banks.

Small Print

  • Bundobust’s Spiceland Swap Shop is not affiliated with Iceland Foods (though we are open to collaborating!)
  • We can only accept Iceland gift cards with a valid receipt with proof of a £20+ top-up.
  • Bundobust voucher is valid for a Combo for 2 or Vegan Combo for 2 in any venue throughout January or February.