It Started With A Tweet…

...and an idea nobody had ever thought of before: curry and a beer.

Nine years later we’ve introduced the North of England to the authentic flavours of Indian street food, as fresh and vibrant as on the streets that created them - and all completely vegetarian.

We’ve now got restaurants in Leeds, Manchester (x2) and Liverpool serving contemporary Indian food with beers from the best local craft breweries, as well as classic and boundary-pushing styles from breweries around the world. We've also got our own brewery, in the middle of our restaurant on Oxford Street, Manchester! Bundobust Brewery creates modern beer with our food menu in mind. Beers brewed at our brewery are only available on tap at Bundobust.

Our Story

Bundobust was born out of a collaboration between two Bradford boys, Mayur Patel and Marko Husak – the chef with generations of Indian food heritage, and the pioneering craft beer bar owner.

Combining their expertise through a series of pop-up events, Mayur and Marko spotted a demand for a contemporary update to the classic “beer and a curry”: authentic dishes, boundary-pushing beers, flavours and techniques overlooked in mass-market Indian food and brewing, all served in an informal bar setting.

After a series of pop ups the first Bundobust opened in Leeds in 2014, with Bundobust Manchester Piccadilly following in 2016, Bundobust Liverpool in 2019, Bundobust Brewery in 2021, and Bundobust Birmingham in 2023.

Critically acclaimed and widely regarded as a game changing enterprise within the independent food and drink industry, Bundobust has forged itself as a beacon of successful casual dining in the North.

Our Ideology

Sustainability is key to what we do: beers are brewed on a small scale using the best ingredients, cultural traditions mean all of our food is vegetarian (most of the menu can be made vegan), and our street food roots let us discover vegware.

A Bundo icon, these little white pots are made of bagasse – reclaimed sugarcane which is totally compostable, eliminating the need for industrial dishwashers and non-recyclable tableware, and reducing our landfill contributions and water and energy usage.

Our Teams

From day one, we’ve been dedicated to curating authentic, credible, and sustainable experiences. People are essential to this, and while our teams are diverse, this is the one thing that all have in common.

We’re always looking for new people to join the team as Bundobust widens its horizons, and if your vision of a casual, independent food & drink industry sounds like ours, we want to hear from you.