Inspired by Kolkata’s legendary Chinatown district, each new dish has been specially crafted as an homage to this great meeting of flavours, sealed with a signature Bundobust twist. The Indo-Chinese menu includes six special dishes, a sharing combo, plus two fresh new cocktails and a limited-edition rice lager, and is available at all venues from 4th March – 14th April.

First up is the now legendary Gobi Toast (£6). This veggie take on prawn toast sees crispy fried toasts topped with garlic, ginger, and minced cauliflower, finished with a sesame seed crust, served with a new Szechuan mayo dipping sauce on the side.

The brand new Corn Ribs (£6) are a standout hit on the menu. Corn ribs are deep-fried until crunchy, before being tossed in a gochujang, miso, tamarind, and five-spice dressing. Extra napkins required!

Returning for 2024 are the Salt & Pepper Okra Fries (£5.75). The #1 Bundo dish goes down the Chinese Chippy (and taste great with a cold pint of the new rice lager, Chokha). Crispy Okra Fries are tossed in a chilli salt & pepper seasoning, with peppers, onion, and soy sauce.

Chow Chow (£6) is a new dish created in the Leeds kitchen by Bundo hero, Josh. This half-rice-half-noodle stir fry is cooked hard and fast with seasonal veg and soy dressing, before being topped with caramelised garlic and Desi chilli crisp. Indo

Chinese classic Chilli Paneer (£7.50) makes its first appearance on the Indo Chinese menu. Fans of Paneer Tikka must try this one! Paneer is cooked till crispy in a light batter before being tossed with peppers and onions in a spicy and sweet chilli honey dressing.

As ever, Gobi Manchurian (£7) makes its seasonal appearance on the Indo Chinese menu. This dish was so popular when it first appeared as a special it was promoted to a permanent position on the Bundo menu. Think cauliflower and mushroom pakoras tossed in an umami-hot sauce and beloved by Bundo regulars.

Bundobust Brewery have taken inspiration from the ingredients found in Indo Chinese dishes to design a rice lager for the celebration. Clocking in at a sessionable 4.2% Chokha is a supremely dry and crisp lager brewed with extra light malts and rice, alongside fruity and floral hops. A must try with the Salt & Pepper Okra Fries!

We are also debuting two new cocktails this March, designed to pair with the Indo Chinese dishes. Jasmine Eastside (£9) sees Gin, jasmine green tea, ginger, cucumber and lemon served long over ice. Sesame & Ginger Old Fashioned (£10) is stirred with house made sesame infused Buffalo Trace bourbon, rice syrup and ginger.