Dosa Day 2020


Pancakes deserve more than just a day dedicated to them, so we’re serving a double dosa Indian pancake action all week, with our Mango & Rose Dosa served with Shrikhand joining our classic Massala Dosa until Sunday.

Plus, get the classic and the special for just £10 all day every day! Available at all venues Monday 24th February – Sunday 1st March.

Massala Dosa £6

“Cylinders of crisp, lacy dosas, the colour of ageing ivory, wrapped around a filling of a spiced potato and onion fry with, on the side, a deep, soothing lentil soup to dip them into, and a little pot of fresh coconut chutney.” – Jay Rayner. (V, GF)

Mango & Rosa Dosa £5

Mango puree & rosewater rice pancakes served with shrikhand – a sweetened cardamom yoghurt – mango ras, pistachio, and pomegranate. (GF)