Putting the V in Vada – Vegan Vada Pav

We’re all about keeping it real at Bundo, which means leaving the fake steak and faux-ried chicken to the people who do it best, but we’re still eager to keep doing better when it comes to keeping our vegan friends happy. That’s why starting from January 2020, we’ve listened to their demands and launched a vegan version of the best veggie-burger in the world: the Vada Pav.

The Vegan Vada Pav contains the same deep-fried mashed potato ball and red and green chutneys, and it still comes with the same deep-fried green chilli (to eat at your own risk) – we’ve just found a perfect vegan replacement to the usual brioche bun.

We know that veganism is a long-term lifestyle and not just for Veganuary, so the Vegan Vada Pav will be available permanently – alongside our original Vada Pav. We’re also introducing a Vegan Chai – made to the same recipe as our House Chai, with Oat Milk in place of dairy.

Vegan Vada Pav and Vegan Chai both available from January 3rd in all Bundobust venues.