This month’s specials in Manchester and Leeds will put a bit of much needed spice in your step to power you through that drizzle.

First off, we’ve got Sabudana Fritters (£4, v, gf) – these vadas, made of crispy tapioca, potato and lentils, are served up with spinach and coriander chutney.

Next up – Rengan Shak (£6.50, v). This traditional festival food is an aubergine, potato and pea curry, cooked with our house blend garam massala, as well as mustard seed and ginger. It’s all served up with soft, soft puri.

To whet your whistle, we’ve got the Phul Fling (£7), a Desi take on aviation, blending Portobello Road Gin, Kwai Fei lychee liqueur, lemon juice, aquafaba and gomme. Cheers!