Leeds Indie Food Event Announcements

With Leeds Indie Food just over a month away, we’re excited to announce our calendar of events, collaborating with some of our favourite Leeds independents.

On Wednesday 15th May we’re winding back six years to the very birth of Bundo with Bundobust Origins. We’ll be picking up forty guests in the Bundobus and taking them to Prashad, where Mayur and Marko will be recreating the very first Prashad X Sparrow collaboration from 2013, with a menu of dishes inspired by the menu on that night and elevated Bundo dishes and specials, paired with an exclusive beer flight showcasing styles from the history of brewing, and some extra-special contemporary beers from our favourite brewers of the past 6 years. Tickets.

We’re going back even further on Monday 20th May, all the way to 1930s India when we’re turning Below Stairs into a Bombay Speakeasy, and recreating the journey of the Indian Railroad, and telling five distinct stories throughout Indian cultural history, distilled into a food and cocktail pairing. Tickets.

We’re also hosting Yorkshire Wine School and worldwide-renowned Cicerone Rich Higgs on Thursday 9th May, providing the food while they go head-to-head to showcase the food-pairing opportunities presented by both wine and beer. Tickets.