Temporarily Closed

It is with a heavy heart that we have decided to temporarily close all three Bundobust restaurants until further notice.

Seeing so many of our friends and peers take the same action over the past few days has made this decision seem like an inevitability, but that hasn’t made the decision any easier to make.

We’re eternally grateful to those of you who have chosen to visit Bundo as a little slither of normality this week, and for helping us protect our teams and our business in the face of this uncertainty and insecurity. As always, the main priority if the wellbeing of our team, our guests, and our communities, and this feels like the correct action to take in this moment.

We started Bundobust nearly 6 years ago and grew the business organically with the help of the amazing team members, some of who are still with us since the early days, and we couldn’t have got to where we are today without them and you, our loyal customers.

Love, thanks, and best wishes.