Chinese New Year Specials

From Friday 24th January until Sunday 9th February, we’re celebrating Chinese New Year and the start of Spring Festival with some Indochinese Specials – celebrating shared Chinese and Indian cultural and culinary traditions.


Sesame Gobi Toast
Deep-fried pav topped with minced cauliflower, garlic, & ginger. Served with sweet chilli sauce. £5.
Egg-fried Pilau
Basmati dry-fry with broken omelette, red peppers, and green onions, spiced with chilli and garam masala. £5.
Gobi Manchurian
A Favourite Indo-Chinese mash-up. Cauliflower and mushroom pakoras tossed in an umami-hot sauce. £5.50.
Sesame Gobi Toast + Egg-fried Pilau + Gobi Manchurian. £14.50.


Five Ginger Death Punch
0% ABV apple and ginger sour, spiced with garam masala and shaken with aquafaba for a silky froth (V). £4.50.
Ginger Amaretto Sour
A Bundo classic. Disaronno, ginger liquor, lemon juice, bitters & aquafaba. £7.
Mikkeller Vesterbro Chinese (4.5%)
Lager brewed with green Sichuan pepper. Made especially for MIkkeller’s friends Vesterbro Chinese Food restaurant in Copenhagen. £8.
Available at all Bundo venues from Friday 24th January – Sunday 9th February.