Friday 17th January is “Ditch Your Resolutions” day, so to mark the occasion we encouraged you to ditch any Dry January resolutions by launching…an alcohol-free drink.

We’ve all been there: abandoning New Years Resolutions mid-month – or even completing them – and slipping back into bad habits. Rather than making and breaking resolutions, in 2020 we’re encouraging people to take a more moderate, sustainable approach to drinking.

We’re launching a brand new collaboration with Cloudwater Soda – Spiced Fruit Chaat Soda – as well as a permanent range of alcohol-free beers from some of the world’s leading Craft Beer brewers, to make sure anybody who’s looking for a low or no-ABV alternative doesn’t have to feel like they’re missing out when it comes to flavour or the experience of being in a bar with friends.

If you’re interested in rethinking your relationship with drinking in the long-term, you can also pick up a copy of mindful drinking movement Club Soda’s book, “How To Be A Mindful Drinker: Cut down, stop for a bit, or quit”

We’ll be giving out samples of Bundobust X Cloudwater Soda’s Spiced Fruit Chaat Soda from the keg, as well as limited giveaways of Bundo X Cloudwater Soda custom glassware, and Fruit Chaat – the traditional Indian dessert that inspired the drink. There’s also cans available to take out with our usual 25% carry-out discount.

Spiced Fruit Chaat soda is inspired by traditional fruit chaat, where fresh fruit is sprinkled with chilli powder, cumin, and salt. We’ve added dank Mosaic hops to a tropical trio of mango, pineapple, and passionfruit juice soda, and infused it with chilli, cumin, and salt to recreate the experience of eating fruit chaat, in a brewed drink form.

Bundobust X Cloudwater Soda Spiced Fruit Chaat Soda launches in all Bundobust venues from Friday 17th January, while stocks last.